PH video experience, speed ranked ‘poor’

The Philippines was at the bottom of the heap when it comes to global overall video experience and speed, according to a report by OpenSignal. 

In its State of Mobile Video Report, OpenSignal said the Philippines, India and Iran fell below the fair threshold into “poor” territory with average video score of 0 to 40.

The Philippines ranked 69th out of 69 countries included in the report. 

The Czech Republic topped the chart with an overall video experience score of 68.5, and only 10 other countries joined it among the video experience elite with a score of “very good.” 

Most of them were in central and northern Europe, while the United Arab Emirates and Singapore represented the Middle East and Asia.

“Few users in these countries would find fault with the video quality they received as a very good score generally means fast loading times and only occasional stalling. What primarily distinguishes a Very Good score from an Excellent score is less consistency in the video quality from different video sources and at different resolutions,” OpenSignal said.

In terms of global overall speed, the Philippines ranked 67th out of 69 countries.

South Korea ranked number one in terms of overall download speed, followed by Norway, Singapore, Netherlands, Australia, Belgium, Hungary, Canada and Denmark. 

OpenSignal defines overall speed as the average mobile data connection a user experiences based on both the speeds and availability of a country’s 3G and 4G networks.

“Overall download speed measurements vary considerably from country to country depending on their particular stage of 3G and 4G development,” it said. 

 For instance a country with fast LTE speeds but low 4G availability might have a much lower overall speed than a country with moderate LTE speeds but a very high level of 4G availability.

 OpenSignal’s video experience metric is derived from an International Telecommunication Union (ITU)-based approach for measuring video quality

Its tests sample video at multiple resolutions accessed from multiple content providers, and they weigh three main criteria: the load time before the video begins playing, the stalling rate characterized by stops and stutters in the video playback, and the level of picture resolution. 

OpenSignal measures video experience on a scale from 0 to 100 — the higher the score, the better the video experience. Furthermore, we divide those scores into ranges to determine their rating. A score that falls within 75-100 is Excellent, 65-75 is Very Good, 55-65 is Good, 40-55 is Fair and 0-40 is poor. 

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