New Train Service Hours

Light Rail Transit 1 (LRT-1) operator Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC) recently announced adjustments on their train operating hours to accommodate system upgrading works for improved safety and reliability of train service.

According to LRMC,  the last train from Baclaran (northbound) will depart 9:30PM and from Roosevelt (southbound) at 9:45PM, on all days. First trips schedule remains 4:30AM for both directions.

LRMC Operations Director Bobby San Jose shared, “

“The system upgrade and rehabilitation work will include the replacement of the auxiliary power supply and train control and monitoring system among many others,” Bobby San Jose, LRMC Operations director said. 

“We want to give our commuters a quality transportation that they deserve. And to be able to provide them a safe, reliable, efficient, and comfortable journey, we need to update and upgrade our signalling system,” he added. 

LRMC shares despite the train timetable adjustment, they will still have more than 17 operating hours compliant to the minimum timetabled revenue service hours on normal weekdays.

LRMC targets to finish all maintenance and rehabilitation work by October 2020.

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