LRT Line 1 Edsa station gets major upgrade for better service

Commuters and travelers taking the iconic LRT-1 line are in for a better travel experience as the Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC) improves the EDSA station by expanding its capacity and providing even more amenities.

LRMC aims to address the limited space situation in the EDSA LRT-1 station—one of the busiest and most jam-packed train stations in Metro Manila thanks to its connections to many other areas and modes of transportation—by expanding the structure through the third floor of the adjacent Lianas/Mayson department store and building a new connecting bridge.

“We want all our commuters to have the best travel experience as they discover the joys and hidden secrets of Manila, and we are continually committed to providing comfort and convenience on the LRT-1,” said LRMC President and CEO Juan F. Alfonso. “All our efforts in this endeavor, including the further extension and modernization of the LRT-1 line, are made toward achieving this goal.”

The improvements on the new expansion in particular are new ticket booths, comfort rooms, LED lighting setups, interior paint jobs, floor finishes, and a PWD ramp. Meanwhile, the connecting bridge also comes with a new roofing system and architectural finishes, while the southeast leg of the station gets a new fire exit and a wider space, with the demolition of old ticket booths.

The EDSA station expansion is in conjunction with the current LRT-1 Cavite Extension Project, which will link Pasay and the rest of Metro Manila to Cavite and dramatically shorten travel time, as well as ongoing modernization efforts to increase efficiency, safety, environmental friendliness, commuter friendliness, train capacity, and quality. 

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