Mahigpit na! LTO no longer process student permits, drivers license w/o driving course certificate

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) will only accept and process applications for Student Permits (SP), New Driver’s Licenses (DL) and Additional Restriction Code transactions from applicants who have secured driving course completion certificates starting August 3. 

In an advisory signed by LTO Chief Assistant Secretary Edgar Galvante, the agency said the required driving course completion certificates shall be issued by LTO-accredited driving schools, authorized driving school instructors/administrators, and by LTO-Driver Education Centers (DECs) in LTO offices which are ready to conduct the 15-hour driving course starting July 1,  2020.

All Student Permit applicants, including those for Foreign SPs and those with expired SPs who will be applying for new SPs beginning 03 August onwards, are required to secure the Theoretical Driving Course (TDC) Certificate.

For application of new Driver’s License (Professional and Non-Professional), all applicants with Student Permits issued from 03 August onwards will also be required to secure Practical Driving Course (PDC) Certificates.

Meanwhile, applicants for Additional Restriction Codes (RC) will also be required to secure their PDC certificates for the additional restriction code being applied for.

These certificates will then be electronically transmitted by the accredited driving school or DECs to the LTO-IT system.

As for the conversion of a Foreign Driver’s License to a Philippine Driver’s License, no TDC or PDC certificates will be required, the LTO said.

The LTO earlier advised that it will be temporarily suspending the acceptance of Student Permit applications from  July 1 until August 3, because of new training requirements in the transaction.

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