Gov’t approves Angkas shield design for motorcyle

The Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF) has approved the shield design of Angkas for motorcycle riders. 

“The responsiveness that you have shown especially during this pandemic is a great service to the Filipino people,” George Royeca, chief Transport Advocate of Angkas said. 

“We look forward to collaborating closely with the IATF on this and furthering the safety of all Filipinos during this pandemic,” he added. 

One of Angkas’ solutions to prevent COVID-19 transmission is using a backpack plastic shield to limit the physical contact between the driver and the passenger.

The plastic materials used on the shield make disinfection very easy and the backpack style design makes it easy to use across motorcycle types. 

It added that materials and design make it easy to produce at low costs by many manufacturers to make it accessible to most Filipinos. 

Currently, the IATF only allowed the back riding or pillion riding on motorcycles for couples who live together, including LGBT who are living in the same house and are live-in partners, provided there is a protective shield between the riders. 

Joint Task Force Covid Shield commander, Lt. Gen. Guillermo Eleazar earlier urged the public to cooperate with law enforcers by putting a physical barrier between the rider and the passenger and wearing a face mask and helmet.

Violators would face charges for violations of Republic Act No. 11332 or the Mandatory Reporting of Notifiable Diseases and Health. Events of Public Health Concern Act, particularly Section 9 (e) or non-cooperation of persons and entities affected by health events.

Those not wearing helmets may be held liable for violation of Republic Act No. 10054 or the Motorcycle Helmet Act of 2009 and local ordinances that impose fines for violators.

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