Converge ICT expands network capacity to provide faster, reliable internet

Converge ICT Solutions Inc. is expanding its network capacity to meet the rising demand for higher bandwidth of its consumer and enterprise clients. 

The company said it commissioned a new 400G metro backbone utilizes industry-leading optical solutions from a United States-based networking systems, services, and software company, paving the way to support current and future requirements from a range of applications.

“This network expansion gives us the confidence that we can deliver on our commitment to foster simple, fast, and reliable connectivity for both existing and potential customers,” Dennis Anthony Uy,  Converge ICT founder and chief executive said.

He said that the  400G optical solution allows Converge ICT to be flexible and efficiently improve the capacity of its nationwide backbone to deliver a more seamless user experience. 

Leveraging ASON technology, the network is capable of  automatically routing traffic to multiple available paths during fiber breaks, a feature that traditional DWDM technology cannot provide as it’s limited to switching of traffic from main path to only one protection path. 

“This deployment gives Converge ICT a programmable, dynamic set up of connections that increases adaptability and resiliency, with the ability to prepare for easily scaling to higher capacity 800G wavelengths to support future growth,” Uy said. 

Converge ICT earlier  filed an application with the Securities and Exchange Commission to hold a P35.9-billion initial public offering in October.

Net proceeds from the share sale will be used as capital expenditures to accelerate the nationwide fiber network rollout.

The company tapped Bank of the Philippine Islands, BDO Unibank Inc., Morgan Stanley and UBS Group AG for the planned share sale.

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