Multa! Mayor Gatchalian fines Metrolink Bus P462k for violating physical distancing

Valenzuela City Mayor Rex Gatchalian has fined Metro Link Bus with P462,000 for violating quarantine protocols. 

“Metrolink was given one last chance to shape up…but what they did cost them 462,000 pesos na fine…so if may mga iba pa na bus operators na gusto gumaya,” Gatchalian said in his official Twitter account. 

Gatchalian also said Metro Link owner and managment agreed that they will sanction their drivers and conductors as well as remove extra seats in order to fully comply with social distancing at all times.

“We also agreed that they will be banned from the land area of the city if they do it again,”  Gatchalian said. 

“Let this be a warning to all bus operators who do not follow social distancing…our citizens are watching with their cameras. If you want to be fined 462,000pesos subukan niyo,” he added. 

Gatchalian earlier shared photos of a Metro Link bus that was taken Saturday afternoon, traversing Malabon to Marilao route with stops at Dalandan, Valenzuela, full of passengers. 

Under the government guidelines, public utility buses can operate at 50 percent passenger  capacity and must observe physical distancing inside the vehicle.

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