Iwas COVID-19: MPT South adds more Easytrip RFID Lanes

Metro Pacific Tollways South Management Corp. said it is adding more Easytrip RFID (radio frequency identification) lanes on its three expressways as part of ongoing efforts to do away with cash transactions by the end of the year. 

MPTC South operates Manila-Cavite Expresswy, Cavitex C5 Link and the Cavite-Laguna Expressway. 

The conversion began with the closure of ten  modular extension cash tollbooths at the CAVITEX’s Parañaque exits; the addition of more RFID lanes at CAVITEX Kabihasnan, and the Merville and Taguig exits of C5 Link; and the opening CALAX’s Laguna Boulevard and Laguna Technopark Interchanges in Biñan City, Laguna with fully electronic toll plazas.

Roberto V. Bontia, president andgGeneral manager of MPT South is optimistic of meeting their target date for full RFID conversion of the tollroads.

“We fully support the Department of Transport (DOTr), switching to a cashless transaction system.  This is one of our contributions in the fight against Covid-19. We are on track for November 2, 2020 following DOTR Department Order 2020-012. Once our tollroads are fully electronic, there will be no more hand-to-hand exchange of cash between motorists and tollbooth cashiers, thus preventing cross-contamination,”  Bontia said, adding that eliminating cash transactions would make passage through the tollroads three times faster. 

For its part, Easytrip Services Corporation (“Easytrip”), has lowered the cost of the initial load of RFID stickers to PhP 200 from PhP 500 and can be purchased directly at 24/7 CAVITEX Customer Service Centers, and CALAX Customer Service Centers, which are open daily from 8:00am to 5:00pm. Also available is the Easytrip Stick it yourself RFID which can be ordered online thru Shopee.

Reloading online may also be done via Easytrip’s partner merchants such as PayMaya, BDO, ECPay. The initial and succeeding loads are non-expiring and consumable.

Metro Pacific Tollways also accepts Autosweep the RFID used in SLEX, NAIAX, MCX upon enrollment and activation. Motorists need only to bring their vehicles with the Autoweep RFID to any Easytrip installation and reloading sites, top up an initial Php200, then will be able to use their Autosweep RFID at MPTC Toll Roads CAVITEX, C5 Link, CALAX including NLEX, SCTEX 24-hours upon activation. 

For the convenience of motorists plying the CAVITEX, C5 Link and CALAX, Mr. Bontia assures that more installation and reloading sites shall be put up along the three expressways soon, as he expects more motorists to be availing of the RFID stickers in the coming days.

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