PLDT Enterprise powers DLSU’s e-Learning initiatives

De La Salle University (DLSU) has tapped PLDT Enterprise to address its technical requirements for online learning and provide a reliable home-based setup for DLSU students and faculty. 

With PLDT Enterprise’s Smart Bizload service and Smart Giga Study plans, DLSU is geared to kick off the online learning mode for Term 1 of the Academic Year 2020-2021. Bizload is a web-based credit portal that will let DLSU load their students and faculty’s Smart prepaid services.

 Their 300-line subscription to the Smart Bizload service will give students the benefit of data access for their online classes. 

Smart Giga Study, on the other hand, includes daily data allocations that will enable the students and teachers to use online learning tools and interact in virtual classrooms.

“We make our students’ learning our priority and since we expect that DLSU’s Term 1 is geared towards online learning out of necessity, we are partnering with PLDT Enterprise to give access to our students who do not have access to the Internet, especially since Term 1 will be online intensive. Making PLDT Enterprise an integral part of our team is the best step right now to maintain our well-known standards of excellence,”  Br. Raymundo B. Suplido FSC, DLSU president said.

Included in the Smart Giga Study plan is Canvas Learning Management Platform which the DLSU community can use in conducting virtual classes. Additionally, the DLSU students and faculty members will also receive Open Access Data allocation to make online learning easier. 

“The pandemic has put the academic sector to the test and we at PLDT Enterprise are here to assist and support them in facing their challenges to e-Learning. We are committed to helping our partners from DLSU in finding solutions that will aid in continued learning of their students,”  Jovy Hernandez, ePLDT president & chief executive  and senior vice president  & head for PLDT and Smart Enterprise Business Groups said.

PLDT Enterprise aims to redefine the future of learning through its continuous engagements with universities, colleges, schools and learning institutions across the country so no learner is left behind.  

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