Concepcion supports breath testing for Covid-19

By: Patrick Villalobos

PRESIDENTIAL Adviser for Entrepreneurship and Go Negosyo Founder Joey Concepcion is supporting the breath testing for coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) from an Israel-based tech-company to help detect infection across industries, especially in the tourism and smallscale business sectors badly hit by the pandemic. 

This came few days after his exclusive meeting with SeaOil President and Chief Executive Officer Glenn Yu to explore the use of the saliva Covid-19 test, together with the Department of Science and Technology headed by Sec. Fortunato Dela Peña, Executive Director of DOST- PCHRD Dr. Jaime C. Montoya, as well as other public and private sector leaders.

According to Concepcion, this new testing innovation will enhance the country’s testing arsenal while keeping the economy open.

The breath test, a technology developed by BioSafety Technologies Ltd (a subsidiary of TeraGroup), on top of the saliva Covid-19 test, will deliver a fast clearance solution for determining if a person is negative to the infection.

It can detect asymptomatic individuals as early as one to two days after being infected. Within a minute, a person can undergo an easy non-invasive test, to determine if he or she is Covid-19 Clear (negative) or suspected (further medical tests required). 

This user-friendly process does not involve medically trained personnel. Also, it has an optimal cost and performance per test.

Both saliva and breath tests have a potential in creating greater visibility against the virulent illness, most especially in the tourism sector.

“The faster we can have the latest testing technology that brings quick results within minutes with the highest possible accuracy will save this sector. The tourism sector is a huge sector of our country and it caters down to many of our MSMEs [micro, small and medium enterprises]. This is one of the sectors that have been hard hit. The airlines are greatly affected,” Concepcion said.

“We have the responsibility to ensure the safety of the Filipino people which is why we have been advocating enhanced targeted mass testing through different testing innovations. We have to innovate and try as many viable testing strategies as possible. We need to help our MSMEs which serve as the backbone of our economy and which will play a major part in our national recovery. Opening the economy is the only solution, but we need to do it safely. The goal is to save jobs, lives, and livelihoods,” he added.

Backed by the Israeli Ministries of Health & Defense, BioSafety Technologies has completed its clinical test trials at five of the largest hospitals in Israel. Currently, the company is collecting more statistical data of Covid-19 subjects worldwide, including Latin America, the United States, and more, to further improve the tests’ validity. 

Black Seal Advisors Inc. Chief Executive Officer Shahar Turgeman will be the one bringing the newest testing innovation in the Philippines.

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