PLDT announces 5-day emergency system maintenance; expect slower internet

PLDT Inc. said its subscribers may experience a slow internet connection in the next five days due to an emergency maintenance activity of its submarine cable. 

PLDT said it was informed by the operator of the international trans-Pacific submarine cable system Asia-America Gateway (AAG), that emergency maintenance activity will  be conducted on AAG submarine cables in the waters of Hong Kong SAR from Friday, September 25 2020 8:00 AM to Wednesday,  September 30, 2020 5:00 AM. 

“We wish to assure our customers of continued connectivity, as we have alternative cable systems to keep our services going during this maintenance period of AAG,” PLDT said. 

PLDT said it has been investing substantially in expanding and boosting the capacity of existing and new international submarine cable systems such as the Jupiter Cable and the Asia Direct Cable systems, to provide redundancy to ensure continuous service in situations like this. 

“Such investments are vital because bulk of internet content used by Filipinos comes from overseas,” PLDT said.

“PLDT assures its customers that measures, such as traffic rerouting and local caching, are already in place to minimize this activity’s impact, and to ensure that communication and internet services remain available to PLDT and Smart subscribers,” it added. 

The company said these measures will allow PLDT and Smart to fully serve, during this time, all customers at full capacity by using the spare and additional capacities on all other cable systems that support PLDT and Smart’s operations. 

“Should there be internet traffic spike beyond the traffic of the past weeks, some slowing down in the busiest hours for traffic going to Asia may be experienced, but no service will be denied, and internet traffic within the Philippines and to the US will not be impacted,” PLDT said. 

“We shall provide regular updates as the operation progresses. We thank you for your understanding,” it added. 

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