PLDT starts cleans up idle copper cables

PLDT Inc. has started  its massive cleanup drive nationwide, recovering copper cables no longer needed as it upgrades customers to fiber and promotes safety in the community.

PLDT’s clean-up drive, which consists of preventive maintenance activities, complies with congressional bills as well as resolutions and ordinances from local government units (LGUs) requiring utility companies to tidy up the country’s streets of sagging cables, tilting poles, and the like.

“In these times of the Covid-19 pandemic, high-speed internet connection has become an essential need. Hence, we have launched a modernization program that entails the migration of our service connectivity from copper to fiber, and installing new fiber connections to meet the ever-increasing demand for high-speed internet access,” Alfredo S. Panlilio, PLDT chief revenue officer and Smart president said.

With the migration to fiber, PLDT has committed to remove its idle copper cables and wires that have been left behind, and spruce up the affected streets and barangays to create a more pleasant environment for residents and visitors.

“As a good corporate citizen, PLDT is doing this clean-up drive, mindful of the safety and well-being of the residents as well as the community in general,” Panlilio added.

“We are implementing the programmed preventive maintenance on the barangay level, starting with those having high trouble index and poor line condition,” Debbie Hu, PLDT-Smart Network Operations vice president said. 

“Currently, we have completed the inspection of 46 priority barangays and preventive maintenance activities are underway,” she said.

Apart from these 46 barangays, PLDT is also doing several preventive maintenance works in other areas which are triggered by requests from LGUs and netizens’ reports.

Included in preventive maintenance are the following activities: replacement, relocation or re-attachment of network access points, distribution points, local convergence points, closures, and poles; replacement, relocation, and rehabilitation of cross connect cabinets and main distribution frames; replacement and repair of manhole covers; re-tensioning and regrooming of fiber and copper cables; and recovery of idle cables.

“Preventive maintenance is part of PLDT’s commitment to improve its various services,” Hu added.

Service improvement is also being delivered by PLDT’s fiber optic network, the country’s most extensive digital data infrastructure with a footprint that now reaches 382,500 kilometers.

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