MRT-3 trains speed up to 50 KPH

The MRT-3 once again successfuly hiked its operating speed to 50kph starting  November 2, reducing the time between trains from the previous 8 to 9.5 minutes (20 trains at 30kph) to only 4-5 minutes (20 trains at 50kph).

This means that travel time from North Avenue station to Taft Avenue station will likewise be lessened from 1 hour and 15 minutes to just 1 hour and 5 minutes. 

The improvement in train speed is a result of the installation of the new long-welded rails (LWRs) in all the MRT-3 stations as part of the massive rehabilitation program of the rail line, which is being implemented by Sumitomo-Mitsubishi Heavy Industries from Japan.

“With the increased operating speed, MRT-3 passengers can now expect faster travel time, shorter waiting time for train arrivals,  and better and comfortable riding experience,” MRT-3 Director for Operations Michael J. Capati said. 

The MRT-3 has been gradually increasing the operating speed from 30kph to 40kph in October, and 50kph in November. By December, speed will further improve to 60kph.

Every month, the MRT-3 management conducts system checks to test the alignment of the new tracks, the Overhead Catenary System (OCS), and signaling and communications to ensure that trains are safe and secured while traveling along the mainline.

The last time the MRT-3 was able to run at 50kph was in September 2014.

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