AirAsia Ph reminds guests to comply health protocols to avoid hefty fines

AirAsia Philippines reminds its guests to strictly observe established health and safety protocols such as wearing of face mask and face shield within the airport premises, and during the entire duration of the flight as mandated by the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF). 

“AirAsia has always been compliant and committed to all existing guidelines set by the authorities. This allows us to assure our guests to travel safely and confidently during this period,” Ricky Isla, AirAsia Philippines chief executive said. 

“Our perfect 7-star rating for COVID-19 compliance as presented recently by is testament to our commitment to always go above and beyond to ensure the protection of our employees and our guests,” he added.

In a joint Memorandum Circular No. 2021-01 issued on 08 January 2021, all scheduled air operators are reminded to stringently observe the advisories, orders, rules and regulations by aviation related agencies such as Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP), Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB), Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA),  and Clark International Airport Corporation  (CIAC) in relation to COVID-19-related protocols and guidelines. 

The aviation agencies have also reiterated that those found violating existing rules can be fined  from “Three hundred thousand pesos” (P300,000) to “Five hundred thousand pesos” ( 500,000) for each violation.

AirAsia will strictly adhere to the allowable number of passengers per flight, as prescribed by the respective Local Government Units (LGUs).

 AirAsia has a robust multi-layered approach to safety from check-in to inflight. Numerous digital and contactless solutions have also been put in place to  ensure a safe, affordable and comfortable guest experience.

Pre-flight advisories and travel guidelines are  communicated directly to guests travelling in the near future, through email, SMS, various social media platforms, and to provide a timely reminder  as  guests prepare for their flight, as well as to ensure their 100% compliance.  

AirAsia staff, cabin crew and members of the flight deck  observe the highest level of safety at all times to facilitate the safe journey of our guests. 

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