Globe: Consistency is key in achieving #FirstWorldNetwork

Globe Telecom’s nationwide tower builds have resulted in a ‘sustained and consistent’ network with better connectivity experience for its customers.

The telco’s continuous investments to upgrade its network, coupled with its aggressive site roll outs are adding new capacity and increasing data bandwidth available to customers. 

With improving internet speeds, Globe is also looking at consistency of network services across all areas where its services are available. 

According to the latest Ookla data, Globe has a better consistency score than competition in several regions including the Ilocos Region at 64.46 percent with an increase of 11.58 PPTs (percentage points).

 In fact, Globe’s regional mobile Consistency Score registered  improvements in 16 out of 17 regions, comparing Q4 2020 to Q3 2020 results.  

Ookla®’s quarterly data shows that Globe’s overall Consistency Score in fourth quarter of 2020 improved to 60.82 percent from third quarter’s 56.83 percent. The company registered increases as high as 10 percentage points, with Consistency Scores of up to 65 percent in fourth quarter of 2020. 

Mobile Consistency Score measures the number of incidences (viewed as a percentage) of a provider’s samples equal or exceeds both a download threshold of 5 Mbps and an upload threshold of 1 Mbps. 

“We aim to address the government’s call to improve services with our #FirstWorldNetwork which entails using the most advanced technologies available like 5G and 4G LTE, and make these as pervasive as possible for our customers to enjoy,” Ernest Cu, Globe’s president and chief executive said. 

”  We will continue our aggressive rollouts of new sites, upgrades,  and  fiber to homes.  Doing so will enable better connectivity and improve the data experience of all our customers,” he added. 

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