AirAsia adds delicious Santan meals and snacks onboard

AirAsia’s in-flight food brand, Santan, has launched new meals and light snacks for an easy yet elevated dining experience in the sky. These include delicious buns and freshly prepared savory hot meals. 

 “At AirAsia, we always strive to give the very best to our guests, and that includes serving delicious food onboard. As the best low-cost carrier in the world, we are proud to say that these new appetizing meals offer fresh flavors that are sure to satisfy our guests’ palates,” Steve Dailisan, AirAsia Philippines spokesperson said. 

“Our new buns are perfect for those looking for a light snack especially those on short flights, while our seafood options are great especially for those abstaining from meat this Lenten season,” he added. 

AirAsia’s award-winning Santan menu now boasts fresh filled buns: Chicken Pesto Bun and Tuna Cheese Bun available onboard for only P100 each, beginning today. Meanwhile, two new hot meals will be available: Seafood Aglio Olio and Asian Chicken Stir 

Fry for only P140 each with a free drink, for pre-booking via the airasia super app and soon!

 AirAsia continues to carry Pinoy Flavors in the Sky such as the Filipino favorite Beef Tapa with Scrambled Egg, Chicken Inasal, and Vegetable Rice Bowl.

These Santan meals are produced and packed hygienically following strict food safety requirements, and are available for pre-booking via My Bookings on In-flight purchasing of meals continue to be temporarily on hold to lessen physical interactions in transit while cabin crew handling food wear extra protective gear for added safety. 

Meanwhile, in-flight food and beverages will still be available but are limited to snack-to-go options, bottled water and other pre-packed drinks. Sale of non-food items and merchandise will also be limited. 

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