GCash payment option now available for AirAsia guests

AirAsia announced its partnership with GCash to provide guests with a fast and convenient option to pay for their flights and other add-ons when booking through the airasia super app or airasia.com. 

Guests can now use their GCash e-wallets to make secure mobile payments online through the airasia super app or by simply logging on to airasia.com, selecting their flights and add-ons, and proceeding to the payment page where they can pay via GCash through the ‘Wallet’ tab. GCash can also be used to make payments for airasia shop purchases via the super app.

 “At AirAsia, we remain committed  to providing our guests with convenience, choice and the highest standards of safety throughout their journey with us. That includes expanding our service offerings to include digital and contactless solutions,” Ray Berja, AirAsia Philippines chief finance officer said. 

“We are pleased to be partnering with GCash, the country’s leading e-wallet to provide flexible and cashless options to our guests, and look forward to building this partnership as airasia continues to embark on its journey to becoming more than just an airline. This is an added convenience that makes the airasia super app even more appealing to the consumer as the fastest growing super app in Asean,” he aded. 

Guests can also use their GCash e-wallets for cashless transactions at AirAsia check-in counters nationwide when paying for additional baggage, meals, and other flight add-ons while checking in. Guests simply have to open their GCash mobile app, scan the QR code displayed on the counter, enter the amount to pay and confirm the payment. 

“We look forward to harnessing the growing subscriber base of GCash and also provide exciting promos and offers to them. In the same manner that this partnership will allow GCash to tap AirAsia’s subscriber base to download and use GCash,” Berja added.

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