Digido Country Manager Kirill Kalashnikov promoted to Regional Director for APAC at Robocash Group

Philippine fintech company Digido has announced the promotion of country manager Kirill Kalashnikov as the regional director for Asia Pacific of Singapore-headquartered parent company Robocash Group.

The newly-created role sees Kalashnikov, who joined Robocash Group in 2021, utilizing the alternative lending firm’s best practices in the Philippines in overseeing the company’s operations in the region, along with the implementation of a multi-product strategy.

A business leader for over a decade specializing in business analysis, operations performance improvement and new products development, Kirill held country business advisor and senior business analyst positions in recent years.

Digido Operations Manager Farit Shakirov succeeded Kalashnikov as Country Manager. Both promotions have been in effect since August 1.

Commenting on the announcement, Robocash Group CEO Natalya Ischenko said: “I am pleased to announce the appointment of Kirill Kalashnikov and Farit Shakirov in their new roles as Regional Director for APAC and Country Manager, respectively.

“Kirill brings much-needed expertise as we look to prioritize growing our business in Southeast Asia. The group is confident that we will continue to deliver strong results and serve our customers with best-in-class services.

“Farit will ensure proper continuity in Digido’s operations, which we intend to scale up as more Filipinos continue to embrace fintech and make it part of their everyday life.

Kalashnikov added: “I am excited in assuming this new role at Robocash Group, which continues to be a leading voice in alternative lending and marketplace funding across markets. Our mission of financial inclusion in APAC is a top priority and I am eager to support the leadership team and make sure the group’s customers and investors are well-served.”

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