DITO files complaint against Globe, Smart

DITO Telecommunity Corp. on Monday filed  a complaint with the Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) against  Globe Telecom and Smart Communications Inc. for allegedly abusing their dominant position in the industry. 

“We are constrained to file these cases because its unfair to our subscribers. When Smart and Globe call us they get through, but when we call we are unable (to connect),” Adel Tamano, the Chief Administrative Officer of Dito said.

“They have refused to really provide a genuine interconnection,” Tamayo added.

Dito Telecommunity chief technology officer Rodolfo Santiago said that 70 to 80 out of 100 calls to Smart and Globe were unable to connect.

“Our subscribers are mad because of poor interconnection,” he added.

Under the rules of the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC), out of every 100 calls the grade of service should be 1 percent. 

“As of right now the state of interconnection  between us, Smart and  Globe is we are actulaly in a state of nonconnection,” Tamano said.

“This is very critical, the mandate of the law is that there should be interconnection between the two telcos. We should be able to call each other,” he added.

Interconnection among telco providers is in line with provisions for compulsory interconnection of authorized public telecommunications carriers under Republic Act 7925.

DITO Telecommunity inked an interconnection deal linking subscribers of both Smart and Globe last year.

Tamano aded that Globe and Smart are using their dominant position to create a barrier for the company to have a bigger market share.

At present, Dito has a market share of 5 percent with a total subscriber base of 11.4 million as of to date.

“Were not asking money from you, we only want to be interconnected,” Tamano said.

Smart and Globe said they have not received the  copy of Dito’s complaint yet.

“We are yet to receive a copy of the complaint, but we can assure the government and the public that PLDT and Smart have always supported and ensured fair competition in the Telco industry,” Smart said.

Yolanda Crisanto, Globe spokesperson said, “ we have not receive a copy of complaint yet from Dito. Until such time we will refrain from releasing any statement on the matter.

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