MOVE IT to hire 6,000 drivers in the next 3 months

Move IT, a local transport solutions provider on Thursday said it will hire about 6,000 drivers in the next three months to serve the rising demand of motorcycle taxi in Metro Manila. 

Francis Juan, Move It chairman, said there are more than a million demand in MC taxi rides per day in Metro Manila alone, but there are not enough operators and drivers to meet this demand.

Move IT will scale up to provide more rides and improve its booking app for rider convenience. However,  he said the best solution is for lawmakers to finally file and pass the bill legalizing MC taxis and opening up the sector to interested parties just like in the bus and taxi sectors.

“The public need is there and growing. Besides, this MC taxi business will generate thousands of jobs and add an additional component to the public transport system by providing first-mile and last-mile rides such as when you are taking the bus from the North or South of Metro Manila or, before or after you take MRT and LRT”, he said

So vehicle owners don’t have to drive because MC taxis can take them to or pick them up from their main rides, consequently easing traffic and saving them from fuel and parking expenses, he added.

To further help driver-partners, Move It will collect only a 15 percent share from fares compared to commission rates as high as 20 percent by other operators.

Juan said that the 15 percent commission is “all in” – leaving the drivers an 85-percent gross income.

“We want our drivers to earn more especially in these challenging times of high fuel prices and inflation. Twenty percent commission is the usual platform service fee, but we want to keep our commissions lower to  increase the take-home pay of our drivers,”  Juan added. 

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