DITO Telecom promises to offer world class telco services by March 2021

Third player DITO Telecommunity said it is accelerating its network roll out to provide world class telecom services to Filipino people by March next year after President Duterte threatened to shut down the operations of Globe Telecom and PLDT Inc. 

“We cannot speak for what the President has mentioned in his State of the Nation Address yesterday,” Adel Tamano, chief administrative officer of DITO said in  a statement.  

“As far as DITO Telecommunity is concerned, we all share the concern of the President for the need to provide world class connectivity to the Filipino people, especially in the face of the pandemic,” he added. 

Tamano reiterated that DITO is on track to meet the commercial roll-out target slated for March 2021.

“Furthermore, DITO is currently working on meeting the 27mbps and 37-percent coverage in time for the government technical audit come January of 2021,” Tamano said. 

“As DITO Telecommunity hastens its roll-out in time for the March 2021, let me assure the Filipino people that we recognize the clamor for the third major telco to already go on-air,” he added 

“DITO is doing all it can to work through the challenges, move forward, and launch soonest,” Tamano said. 

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